Treats from France to stack your shelves with!

Our favourites are the Amora Dijon Mayonnaise and Bonne Maman Raspberry Tartlets – yum!

Available for pick up.


Amora Dijon Mustard 7.50
Amora Dijon Mayonnaise 8.50
Bouton d'Or Cornichons 10.50
French Dry Provence Saucission "Salami" 18.00
La Perruche Brown Sugar 12.50
Bonne Maman Chocolate & Caramel Tartlets 9.00
Bonne Maman Lemon Tartlets 9.00
Lu Coqueline Strawberry 9.50
Haribo Tagada 7.50
Orangina Soft Drink 5.00
Brasserie Du Mont Blank Beer 9.00
French Negroni "Cocktale Bottle" 55.00
French Negroni "Jar Bottle" 30.00
Hamper Baxter "Crafted Vodka" Martini 120.00
Selection Of French Wine
"Champagne, White and Red" M.P